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Estimating the cost of developing a native mobile application
The average development cost depends on the complexity of the application,
its functionality and the need for backend development.
Simple application
without connecting to the server, includes design work, terms of reference and development
2 500 - 4 000$
term of work up to 1 month
Medium difficulty
An application of medium complexity with a server part, includes design work, technical task, development from 7 screens will cost
from 4 000$
term of work up to 1 month
Complex application
A complex application that will include at least 10 screens, more complex functionality and non-standard design with a full range of services
from 6 000$
term of work up to 1 month
We can calculate the cost of creating
a mobile application and form
the direction of your project:
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We will draw up an individual development plan

Let's estimate the hours for each stage

We will show you the main vectors of development

We will select an individual payment algorithm


Time and materials. The type of contract in which the client pays for the labor actually expended by the contractor and confirmed by the client

Fix Price

Fixed cost. The type of contract under which a contract is concluded for the supply of a solution at a fixed cost. All subsequent financial risks are borne by the contractor

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